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Author Bio

     Born in the Silicon Valley, Jason grew up with the internet boom changing the very skyline around him.  His parents, both of whom teachers, lived in a modest three bedroom suburban home, but later relocated with the family to Dixon, an agricultural community located near Sacramento, California.
     During Jason's eighth grade education in Dixon, he scored the highest in the school in standardized Political Science testing.  That year his Civics/English teacher taught him how to write and shoot a movie, as well as how to pack and shoot a gun.  Special Studies in Political Science continued for Jason through high school and college.  
     Since college, Jason has traveled in a variety of European Countries, as well as the Western United States and New York.  He has written two books and a screenplay, and worked a variety of jobs, to include: Snowboard Instructor, Waiter, K-12 Substitute teacher, Independent Painter / Contractor, Property Manager, and Freelance Journalist.  

     For the last six years, Jason has been living in the Lake Tahoe area enjoying the outdoors as much as possible: mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, motorcycling, swimming, and dancing.  Jason has also continued his education at Lake Tahoe Community College, completing coursework for a Certificate in Web Development, as well as various elective courses in subjects like: Art, Adaptive Literature, Screenwriting, and most recently, Improv Acting​

© 2012 by Jason Mallory

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